We need to treat money in our local city as we do with all budgets. We cannot spend more than we take in and we must be careful with where we invest. We need to fight to keep taxes low and reduce the rates on burdensome fees that our residents and businesses pay. The best way to increase the revenue in our city is to increase our property values. We can do this by focusing on the vision, safety and sustainability. I am fiscally conservative and maintain relationships in the private sector where we can look for partnerships to fill in gaps where we need support. 


We need roads, sidewalks, storm water, beach access, signage, facilities and other infrastructure to ensure that our vision can be accomplished. We need to focus on finishing the masterplans, streetscapes and A1A Corridor as set forth by the city vision. We must connect the east to west with safe overpasses that allow both sides to enjoy the Banana River and beautiful beaches. If we cannot get this right, then we must consider where wasteful spending should be cut to make this a priority. I believe we are making good progress here, but we must work diligently to maintain. 


As we continue to grow we will be met with many challenges and opportunities. Burdensome permitting processes and city codes can stifle economic development. We should take a close look and scale back any red tape that prevents a business from thriving in the city of Cape Canaveral. We need to make it easy for an entrepreneur to start a company in the city. We also need to encourage businesses to offer products and services that are valued by the residents and tourists alike. As a partner of a solar company in Cape Canaveral, I work with boards and business leaders around the county and country. The relationships I have built, and experience I have gained provide clear paths to discover opportunities that can benefit Cape Canaveral.  


Cape View Elementary is our local school that teaches many of our community’s children. While the county funds our teachers and staff, we need to make sure we are doing our part by supporting them with safety, volunteer school programs, local tutoring opportunities and activities. Cape View is one of the first places a family will look when deciding to live here. As a father, I want to make sure that our local kids can attend school safely, with a community that supports the teachers and staff.


Fulfilling the Vision of Cape Canaveral will be my compass during my term on council. The residential and business communities came together to create a vision that describes a city that we want to live. However, when you read the vision you can see throughout the city that we still have some work to do. Every decision that we make for our community should fit within our vision. Without a vision, we will wander and fall short of our goals.We must get clarity, alignment and become laser-focused on the vision to ensure we are able to meet the challenges and opportunities of this new generation.  


When cities make safety a priority, they are well positioned to thrive. A safe city allows for a higher quality of life, increased property values and prevents our community from harm. Community policing, responsive fire and ambulance are very important. Finishing our sidewalk master plan, beach cross overs, lifeguard stations and enforcing the code for unsafe properties are all ways we can ensure we are helping our community stay safe. I will maintain and foster my personal relationships with our local sheriff and fire departments to ensure we are putting a strong focus on our public safety. I also have some proposals to allow our community to become incentivized to help one another stay within the code.  


Our lagoon, waterways, beaches, green spaces and energy dependence must be a considered in every decision we make. If we are not looking for sustainable ways to help lower costs on the city operations through clean energy and pollution control, then we will see a very costly future. As a solar developer in my professional life, I have first-hand experience working with cities all over the country to help lower operating costs through clean energy solutions. My strong relationships within our county and state government will create opportunities for us to make environmental stewardship a major focus.  

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