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Fulfilling The City Vision.

Promoting Safety & Sustainability.

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Meet Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison Has Deep Roots in Brevard

Wes Morrison is a 6th generation Floridian who grew up in Brevard County. Today, Wes has over 25 family members residing here.  Wes and his wife, Christina, both graduated from Titusville High School.  Coming from a low income household, Wes worked hard to put himself through Florida State University.  The Morrisons enjoy biking, surf fishing, and paddle boarding--and daughter, Parker, loves the tire swing at Canaveral City Park.

Wes Morrison is a Servant Leader and Volunteer

Wes Morrison serves as the Men's Group Leader at his church.  He works together with other volunteers across the county on service projects in the community, such as providing free meals, assisting seniors with household projects, and storm clean ups. He continues to be involved and participates in events supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the YMCA. Currently, he is training for the Space Coast Marathon and fundraising to benefit children with autism at The Scott Center at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Wes Morrison Has The Right Vision & Experience for Cape Canaveral

Wes Morrison's experience will benefit our residents. Wes has been involved in policy and regulation at the state and local level, in addition to his experience in the Brevard business community in medical, technology, and energy. This background will help Wes work with the council to fulfill the City Vision, while maintaining effectiveness and efficiently keeping taxes low. Wes Morrison understands safety must be a priority to improve the quality of life, increase property values, and protect our families. As a partner in a solar and renewable energy company, his focus on sustainability will help preserve our community for generations.

Fulfilling the city vision.



Fulfilling the Vision Statement of Cape Canaveral will be Wes' compass during his term on council. The residential and business communities came together to create a vision that describes a city that we want to live.

However, when you read the vision you can see throughout the city that we still have some work to do. Every decision that we make for our community should fit within our vision.

Click here to read the vision statement. 


When cities make safety a priority, they are well positioned to thrive. A safe city allows for a higher quality of life, increased property values and prevents our community from harm. 

Community policing, responsive fire and ambulance are very important. Finishing our sidewalk master plan, beach cross-overs, lifeguard stations and enforcing the code for unsafe properties are all ways we can ensure we are helping our community stay safe.


Wes Morrison in Cape Canaveral knows that our lagoon, waterways, beaches, green spaces and energy dependence must be considered in every decision we make. 

If we are not looking for sustainable ways to address the city operations through clean energy and pollution control, then we will see a very costly future. Wes Morrison for Cape Canaveral City Council has first-hand experience working with cities all over the country to help lower operating costs through clean energy solutions.


Sheriff Wayne Ivey

β€œWes Morrison is a strong leader in our community with the courage and character to effectively serve. He has a level-headed approach to government and public safety, which has earned him my endorsement and full support. Wes believes that a community that makes safety a priority is one that will thrive.”

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"My family is proud to call Cape Canaveral our home and I am here to listen to the voices of residents and learn how we can work together to advance the visioning of this city.  

I am ready to work with the council on solutions to promote beautification, improve public safety and grow our sense of community.  I am energetic and passionate about continuing to make Cape Canaveral one of America's most prized places to live! 

The opportunity is NOW to invest for a brighter tomorrow and that's what I will be focused on as your next City Council Member.  Thank you." 

- Wes Morrison

321-593-2335 (cell)   |   wes@yesforwes.com